Santa Barbara

Here are some photos of the beautiful place that I get to call home

Here are a lot of sunset pictures, from beaches that I like to go to. All of these awesome pics were taken here in Santa Barbara. I am so thankdul to live here, it is like a fairytale most of the time. The sunsets right now are amazing, oh and you should see the sunsets when there are fires. Absolutely stunning, but a bit on the smokey side.

Butterfly Beach at sunset
This is a pic of the court house at sunset

East Beach

In this picture a cool car is passing, right next to East Beach. The palm trees line the outer edges of the beach, from Leadbetter beach all the way to East. It is pretty foggy in this picture, it was probably taken during the morning. Although there is fog, it makes for a magastic feeling, and cool pictures like this one.

Over the Rivera

Here is a picture of Santa Barbara from above. Santa Barbara from a birds-eye view. You can see the lights from the harbor and downtown. Who knew that our small town looks so big from above. At sunset it is just gorgeous. You can even see the silhouette of the Islands that are right off the coast of SB.

The Pier

This was taken from the Santa Barbara Pier. There are always a lot of birds hanging out around here. If you are lucky you could even see a pelican. They are usually around this area because of the fisherman. A lot of the time they will leave bait that they didn't need or use for the birds. This makes for some pretty cool photos.