Spanish Camp

Come visit El Lago Del Bosque :)

Spinning after Jarriots
Bench Gang
Dare game: alfredo sauce

The OG benches

At camp, every year we would take 4 benches, and create a small square. We would only hang out at the benches, it was our main meeting spot and hangout spot. This is where we would play the dare game and eat snacks that we got from La Dulceria. Once these younger campers tried to steal our benches, which led to moving the benches being bannes, but that would never stop the bench gang. We made it work and slowly inched the benches back together.

Counselor Drama

During this very game of UNO Ian and I left halfway through to go play giant UNO outside, because no one else wanted to play with us. While we were playing outside we saw a counselor named Inez walk by, we asked her to play because we needed another person and she agreed, but only for a bit since she was supposed to be doing something. While we played she spoke in English with us, and we learned that she was actually SIXTEEN and went to the camp as a camper the past year. Ian and I had to keep it a secret the next week of camp. She could have gotten fired if her boss knew that she told campers and speaking English.

My friend Dylan took this while Caroline and I were playing UNO.

We were trying to take non sus pics of the counselors behind us
This is the last picture we took together before we had to leave :(
Dare game: take a picture with Cami